If you are unable to redeem your MLB.TV gift card, follow the troubleshooting steps for your error message below to resolve the issue.

"Invalid PIN. Please try again."

If you see a message that your PIN is invalid, it typically indicates that there was an issue with the PIN you entered.

Double check the PIN at the back of the card, your email or store receipt and try again.

If your PIN is entered correctly but you are still seeing this message, it may mean that your card has not yet been activated by the retailer. Please contact the retailer.

"PIN already redeemed. To access more content please enter a new PIN."

If you see a message that the PIN has already been redeemed, it typically indicates that the card has already been redeemed on an account with MLB. 

Check your account details on MLB.TV to see if the subscription has been activated on your account.

If you do not see the subscription on your account, please contact MLB at customerservice@website.mlb.com.